4-Panel Impact Gate

Pallet Loading Gate Delivers Highly Efficient Elevated Pallet Load Transfer

pallet loading gate

Built to seamlessly open and close during pallet load transfer and drop-off, the Ladder Industries 4-Panel Impact Gate has been designed with forklift operations in mind.

Forklift operators enjoy the minimal effort required to drop off loads when dealing with this Pallet Loading Gate. This durable steel gate is crafted with spring-loaded mechanisms, enabling self-closing operation as pallet loads pass through.

Since no personnel are needed to open the gate by hand, it is highly efficient for the transfer of pallet loads to elevated levels and work zones. With custom sizes available, this Pallet Loading Gate offers a high level of installation flexibility for new or existing facilities.

4-Panel Impact Gate Specifications:

  • Requires horizontal clearance of 6 to 10 feet
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Single or dual pallet
  • 72” high pallet maximum
  • 2 or 3 rail options available
  • OSHA Safety Yellow Paint Finish (other colors available)
  • Free standing mount or rack mounted options
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