Tim Gonzalez – We configure…

We configure a way to get the helicopter mechanic to the desired working height while working around the skids and body. We design in the features that make aircraft maintenance safe and easy for the mechanics. Then we add in shelves and tool trays at the top of the platform, and configure the guardrail to avoid contact with the aircraft.

Tim Gonzalez
Ladder Industries

Jack Alexander – When you’re committed to safety…

When you’re committed to safety, the Super Duty [Rolastair Ladder] is the way to go. The full weld and extra diameter tube is incredibly sturdy and creates no flex. It doesn’t shake, it’s solid, and has great maneuverability. It’s worth the additional freight costs to get the superior product. It feels like it’s part of the building!

Jack Alexander
BHM Equipment Inc.

Calvin Penfound – We always recommend…

We are always recommending these ladders to anyone who will listen, we are so happy with them.

Calvin Penfound
Corporate Helicopters

Chris McClanahan – We have used LI…

We have used Ladder Industries to ensure the safety of our employees at Portola Packaging, Inc for over 4 years. We have been impressed with the quality of the ladders and the innovative designs. They are always willing to assist us in creating custom ladder designs with short lead times. Our great safety record and culture is partly due to these well-built rolling ladders on our floor.

Chris McClanahan
Portola Packaging, Inc.

Calvin Penfound – These two ladders…

These two aircraft ladders were probably the best investment in safety equipment we have purchased – at least in the 7 years I have been here! We use them to work up on the head of the Robinson brand helicopter and they also work on Bell, Astar and MD platforms.

Calvin Penfound
Corporate Helicopters

Jack Alexander – LI has set a high standard…

Ladder Industries has set a high standard for rolling ladders. They’re made to last. They’re stronger and made better than the competition.

Jack Alexander
BHM Equipment Inc.

Calvin Penfound – LI was fantastic…

Ladder Industries was fantastic mainly because of the exceptional turnaround time and delivery. It was amazing to have both custom ladders delivered quickly to our site for virtually no cost.

Calvin Penfound
Corporate Helicopters

Brett Moe – We couldn’t find a standard…

We couldn’t find a standard catalog ladder that would fit in the narrow space and let our operator reach the top of our printing press. We needed a custom ladder and the guys at Ladder Industries quickly designed exactly what we needed. When the ladder arrived, we were impressed with the perfect fit.

Brett Moe
Nosco Maintenance & Facilities Manager

Chuck Coler – This ladder is the most sturdy…

This ladder is the most sturdy ladder we have ever had in our building. I feel safe every time I am standing on it or going up or down the steps.

Chuck Coler
Ladder Industries Custom Designs
Ladder Industries Goodyear Arizona
Ladder Industries Made In America