Cantilever Rolastair™ Rolling Ladder

Cantilever Rolastair Rolling LadderMaintenance on special projects or equipment can be a daunting task if you are unable to obtain an ideal workspace. The Cantilever Rolastair™ seeks to eliminate these access constraints with a design that is built for the application at hand.

Maintenance professionals will enjoy the cantilever construction of this Rolastair. Its unique design allows workers to gain safe access without resting against their projects. Once moved into position, the ladder offers effective support for work on tankers, aircraft, industrial machinery/equipment, and many other applications.

When it comes to choosing the best access for special projects, you can’t go wrong with the Cantilever Rolastair Ladder.


  • 1” dia. steel tube ladder frame
  • Rectangular tube base frame
  • 24” wide Traction Tread steps
  • Platform StepJack safety device
  • 4” X 2” polyurethane casters
  • 400# rated workload
  • OSHA Safety green enamel finish
  • Optional special paint colors
  • Optional hot dip galvanized finish

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