Tilt Gate

Industrial Platform Safety Gate

Industrial Platform Safety Gate Tilts When Maximum Protection is Required

Ladder Industries’ Tilt Gate is ideal for applications where there are no space restrictions and maximum protection is required. Our industrial platform safety gate is balanced on a center pivot point for smooth, simple, and safe operation on elevated work platforms and structures.

When one side of the gate is raised open, the other side closes, keeping your open ledge secured at all times. The design of this industrial platform safety gate is ideal for pallet loads of 42” or less, and is available in custom widths for installation flexibility.

Tilt Gate Specifications:

  • 42” High
  • Specify desired gate widths from 6 to 10 feet. Custom sizes available
  • Requires 84” depth. Custom sizes available. (Also, see our Pallet Drop Zone Gate)
  • Requires horizontal clearance of 6 to 10 feet. Custom sizes available.
  • 42” high pallet maximum
  • Mesh sides available
  • Single or dual pallet models available
  • 2 or 3 rail options available
  • Freestanding mount or rack mounted options
  • OSHA Safety Yellow Paint Finish (other colors available)
  • Meets OSHA safety standards

JiffyRail™ Access Gates are the most effective means for guarded access to mezzanines, catwalks, and elevated work areas. Designed to meet IBC, OSHA, and CAL/OSHA requirements, they contribute to a safe and efficient work environment.


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